Siemens parts for sale
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TradeCom can offer you the following:

Siemens Hipath/HICOM parts mostly for Trading/dealing room.

We send all over the world.

Voicelogger equipment, from 60 Ch up to 400 Ch, Digital, Datavoice, with admin console, and DAT.

We also deal with Speakerbus intercom systems, full systems, or single items.

Furthermore we have a lot of Syntegra the DSX T43 or DSX T47, with PV705+ turrets, here we can offer you full systems, or single items.

So if you are looking for parts for Dealing room, or dispatcher, or Voicelogger, you just have to send us a message.

Free support on SIEMENS TRADING.

If you have any technical problems with SIEMENS Hipath/HICOM Trading/dealing, please call us, its total free.

HICOM dealing system for rent.

We can also offer you to rent a small HICOM, fully equipped with digital trunk line, and up to 15 TBL48 turrets, this can be used for relocation, or just if you are expanding you site.


> Siemens TBL48

> Siemens TBT48